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I haven’t updated about my Calatagan trip and it’s been over a week, I know that. I’m just not feeling up to it lately. I would do it now, but I’m having the worst case of cramps, a horrible headache and my obsession with Twilight hasn’t dwindled in the slightest bit.

You’re wondering how that last bit affects my updates? I’ve been spending my free hours rereading the books and writing down my favorite quotes on the notebook that Lala gave me. 😀 Also, Stephenie Meyer’s website has the coolest stuff like outtakes and extras from both Twilight and New Moon. This doesn’t help my unhealthy obsession. Not one bit.

So, I’ll get off now on a promise that I will update with better stuff soon…..ish. 😀

I’m so freakin’ excited!

Even though I think Jasper looks weird instead of hot, that last part totally made me love him!

And Kristen telling Rob to ‘dazzle’ the camera was hilarious.

The next several LOLPIPS are brought to you by Lai. She got a little too excited with our Calatagan pictures.

So first up, the EVOL JEENYUHS herself:

is Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series. I had been eyeing Twilight (the first book) for a while now, contemplating on whether or not I should buy it because a) I’m a big scaredy-cat who can’t even read my mom’s Anne Rice books and b) I always see something else in the store that I end up buying (Calvin and Hobbes own my heart, I’m afraid). So 2 Saturdays ago, Migz asked me to accompany him to Fully Booked while the others finished their dinner. He found a cozy little spot in the kids/young adult section where he sat and played with his newly acquired Rubik’s Cube. I looked around and saw an opened copy of Twilight, which I read while waiting for Migz. I finally decided to buy it. Boy, am I glad I did! I finished it the following Monday, I couldn’t put it down. Ethan was already complaining about my reading too much while they’re staying with us. (Migz and Ethan are my nephews.) When I finished it, I couldn’t wait to get the next book. So when we brought the two kids to Timezone to play, I sneaked up to Fully Booked to buy New Moon. Which I finished the following Wednesday. My brother thinks I’m wasting my money because I’m not even savoring the books, but I just can’t put them down. So last Friday, I went to Rockwell to buy the latest book, Eclipse. I loved it, of course. I even brought it with me to the beach with my friends and was able to read a few pages. I finished  it last Monday. I won’t talk about what happens to the books too much in case people get spoiled, like my sister who is now finishing Eclipse as well. I can’t wait for August, when Breaking Dawn finally comes out.

Will update about my trip to Calatagan on a later time (when I’ve resized all the pics I took), but for now, I wanted to show Lala how much we missed her.

Wish you could’ve been there.:(

I’m having an awful workday today. Here are a few videos that actually made me laugh.

I wonder what he’s on. Hahaha! I remember my nephew Migzy used to laugh every time the piece of tissue paper he’s holding got blown by the fan. The things kids laugh at.

Jack…I am your mother. LMFAO

Ahahahaha EVIL BABY!!

Last one:

Poor kid, but it makes me laugh.

I got addicted to Rockstar Supernova because of Storm Large. Now my addiction is back, apparently.

She’s awesome! And she’s almost 40!

Plus, she has a great personality too!:

More of her performances after the jump.

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I logged into my dA account and was greeted by this:


That is NOT my avatar! It looks like a freakin Pokemon. No offense to the Pokemon fans, they’re cute and all…but I’m just not into them.

Also, here’s another thing:

My DA 2
Everyone else’s avatars are the same! Yoe and I sort of concluded that it’s an April Fools thing. Bleah…I panicked for no good reason.


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