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is Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series. I had been eyeing Twilight (the first book) for a while now, contemplating on whether or not I should buy it because a) I’m a big scaredy-cat who can’t even read my mom’s Anne Rice books and b) I always see something else in the store that I end up buying (Calvin and Hobbes own my heart, I’m afraid). So 2 Saturdays ago, Migz asked me to accompany him to Fully Booked while the others finished their dinner. He found a cozy little spot in the kids/young adult section where he sat and played with his newly acquired Rubik’s Cube. I looked around and saw an opened copy of Twilight, which I read while waiting for Migz. I finally decided to buy it. Boy, am I glad I did! I finished it the following Monday, I couldn’t put it down. Ethan was already complaining about my reading too much while they’re staying with us. (Migz and Ethan are my nephews.) When I finished it, I couldn’t wait to get the next book. So when we brought the two kids to Timezone to play, I sneaked up to Fully Booked to buy New Moon. Which I finished the following Wednesday. My brother thinks I’m wasting my money because I’m not even savoring the books, but I just can’t put them down. So last Friday, I went to Rockwell to buy the latest book, Eclipse. I loved it, of course. I even brought it with me to the beach with my friends and was able to read a few pages. I finished  it last Monday. I won’t talk about what happens to the books too much in case people get spoiled, like my sister who is now finishing Eclipse as well. I can’t wait for August, when Breaking Dawn finally comes out.



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