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Honey Rose by Solomon Trimble

Her beauty has me.
It nourishes the air enough that roses grow in the wind without soil.
I could scream in her ear and she wouldn’t hear me over the volume at which I adore her face.
I thought I was so clever and keen, filling a tulip with nectar, and her, the butterfly to suckle.
But I’m a fool.
I stand here, in the ebb of her iris and I feel lucky to be reflecting.
When she blinks, I will be trapped in her mood forever.
This is the place where I call home; a place roses grow from honeycomb.

Solomon Trimble is the guy who’s playing Sam Uley in Twilight. Apparently, he was inspired by his character’s love for Emily Young and wrote this poem. If you search around, you will find a video of him reciting this beautiful piece. I just had to post it here because it really touched me.

This LolPip entry features Madz, our very own Lion King.


LolPip still brought to you by Lai.

In a move that’s so uncharacteristically me, Nikki and I went to 10 Story Fall’s gig last night. (10 Story Fall is our good friend Altair’s band.) We were initially going to miss it because a) it was in Katipunan, b) it was a work night and c) none of the other girls were free and Nikki didn’t want to go home alone since she lives in Las PiƱas. But because Altair apparently missed us too much (I don’t really know, I’m just making this up), he offered to drive us both home.

I’m actually glad that we decided to go because it was something different. I think every now and then, I need something totally different to jolt me back to life. It felt like I’ve been sleep-walking these past few weeks and it was a nice change. We met new people, laughed about our college stories, and goofed around during our ‘roadtrip’ to and from Nikki’s house, which we jokingly said is right next to Calatagan.

So now I vow to do something different every now and then just to make sure that I wake up from my sleep-like state. Just to keep things interesting.

My sister and I were chatting about how this one artist I like hated Twilight and I told her how disappointed I was because I was actually hoping that the artist would read Twilight and like it and draw some awesome fanart of it. My sister joked that it’s okay, she’d make the fanart for me. I laughed, and joked about how she’d make the Cullens look like vampire robots (since she used to draw people like robots when we were kids). After that, she became quiet and I thought she was actually working. After a few minutes, she gave me a link to a photo in her photobucket account.

Edward by Tam

Tam: “Notice how he sparkles?!”

LMFAO I think it’s quite obvious that we have a little too much time on our hands.

Lai told me about this little website that gives tips on how to save our planet. This one has got to be one of my favorites:

50 Ways to Help the Planet. Go visit and spread the word. Our planet needs a lot of help right now. Think of your children and your children’s children.

Still by the wonderful Lolcats addict, Lai. This time, it’s our ‘Mom for the trip’ (and also my best friend), Nikki.


This message is coming to you from Heaven (let’s assume I went there, okay?).

Holy craptastic startastic (shoutout) all-around fantastic Twilight goodness! Oh my Carlisle!

That video dazzles me! I keep watching it over and over again.

*faints…in Heaven*


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