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This lolpip features Kuya Dale and his unbelievable flying ability.

Brought to you by…who else? Lai, of course.

I’ve been going out with my college friends a lot lately. We see each other almost every weekend. Which, I know, is very common for most normal people, but not for me. I’m the type who usually prefers to stay at home, though I love my friends to bits and I always have fun whenever I go out with them. I’m just a homebody, I guess.

But lately, I’ve sort of become addicted to them. It starts to feel weird if we don’t see each other for more than a week. I guess I’m just making up for lost time. I missed a couple of Christmases and a LOT of birthdays, and I hate that. Now I always want to be there and to never miss a thing.

Last Friday was Madz’ going away dinner. (She’s in London now for two months, I think, because of work. How I wish I had her job.) It was in Parañaque so Vince and I had to drive all the way there after work. Traffic was so bad of course, since it was a Friday night. Vince drove for more than 2 hours straight. We picked Nikki up from work then headed to Madz’ place where Yoe, Charm and her boyfriend Joel were already waiting. Food + beer + vodka + cali apple = happy friends. Some of Madz’ officemates also came by, including Lai so at least we got to finally see her after so long. I think that was the first time that I actually saw her since she started working at HSBC with Madz. I missed her so much, I practically squeezed her instead of hugging her.

In other absolutely random and worthless news, I hate my teeth now. They’re stained from all the coffee I’ve been drinking and they look awful in pictures. My solution? I’m now using my brother’s Red Seal Smoker’s toothpaste. Hahaha! Anyway…


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