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It’s taken me so long to update about my trip because there was just so many things to talk about. And also so many pictures! But here I am, sucking it up and telling you all about it.

So last April 8-16, 2009, my family and I (along with my dad’s camera crew) went on the 7107 Islands Cruise, which went around the most beautiful islands of the Philippines.

We got there late into the afternoon and basically just registered, checked in, played switcherooms, dumped our stuff in our respective rooms, and ate dinner.

Tep, Uncle Cris, Tam, Sasha, Mom, Uncle Ramon and Detdet

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I know I said I’ll be back on the 16th, but I’m horrible and I haven’t updated since. I’ve been trying to muster up the strength to update with pictures, but there are A LOT of pictures. Pfft. Also a lot of stories. 🙂

I’ll try to update by tomorrow, but I’m not making any promises. Most of you already know my stories anyway. 😀

Zoe, where am I!? Where AM I?! Where are you!? Hahaha

Sasha is going on a 9-day cruise around the many islands of the Philippines. She is going to enjoy herself. She is going to take lots and LOTS of pictures. She is going to make people take lots and LOTS of pictures of her as well. But she will miss talking and seeing her friends A LOT. She will be back on the 16th.

And she is officially freaked out by this blogging in the third person nonsense.

Coming home from Shangri La today, my mom said ‘Gutom na me.’ Kill me now, please. Madz is rubbing off on my mom even though they haven’t spent any time together!!

OMG Lai just told me that Brad and Angelina might be in Boracay right now? I’ll be in Boracay this weekend. Anyway…

I always get taken aback whenever I see Michelle Rodriguez so pretty. I mean, I’ve always seen her as a tough hot chick, but not pretty. But when I saw this picture, I was like, whoa!:

[Click for bigger view. Opens in new window.]

Pictures of the man I think every guy (except those related to me…and men of the cloth) should look like:

Holy smokes, what a bod! – I love him scruffy! And those eyes! – And oh, that naughty face!

Even just his face is sexy! – I love that smirk!

And lastly:

I adore that smile!

So here’s the deal. I’ve had my iPod for almost a year now, and I just recently jailbroke (what’s the proper past tense term for this?!) it to get free apps. But then I get these emails from Apple about new applications and I practically salivate over them. Then today I get one about a Disney Fairies app called Disney Fairies Fly and it just sounds so pretty. I want to download it so bad. I want fairies flying around in my iPod. But then, I’d have to upgrade to the 2.2 software to get it.

It’s ok, I’m willing to pay the $9.95 for the upgrade. And the $4.99 for the application. But then, I will lose all the stuff that I’ve downloaded on my iPod before. I don’t care about the other apps, but I have this Moleskin application that I use to write down my favorite quotes from books or movies, and I have A LOT of quotes there. Also, I’m not sure if I’ll lose all the movies and shows (The Office and True Blood) and other videos I have there, and I haven’t even watched half of those movies yet. It’s such a huge dilemma for me right now. Hahaha

Will you guys help me decide?


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