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if this is a manip or an actual photo. The artist said it’s an actual photo. I have no way of knowing because I suck. Either way…wow!

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Sometimes I feel too lazy to compose entries, and that’s where these random posts come from. I have thoughts in my head, but no will to construct them into individual posts. Anyway….

I went to MariĆ© Digby’s concert last Saturday. Goodness, she’s really pretty. It was a short set, and she played more songs from her 2nd album (which I don’t have), but I still enjoyed it. Her last two songs were Umbrella and Say It Again, which were obviously the crowd favorites. Also, she managed to flash the entire room. She was wearing a really short and tight mini skirt…then she sat on a stool. Poor girl. Still, it was entertaining and she was really gorgeous.

I watched G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Again, I have nothing to compare this to, not having seen the cartoons or comics (were there comics?!) as a child, but for an action flick, it was pretty good. It was entertaining enough, lots of things blowing up, people kicking each other, Channing Tatum (and Marlon Wayans) shirtless and a couple of hot girls (Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols). I sound like a guy on that last one.

Is this movie for real?! Check out the cast list. Looks like an American version of Love Actually, which I loved.

Alright, that’s it for now. Later!


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