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We bought a townhouse just near where we live right now and according to my parents, we’re moving next week. I’ll tell you this for free…I am NOT looking forward to that. I mean, sure. I want to get out of this place soon. It’s old and has mice and roaches and mites. It’s also cramped. And I’m looking forward to sharing a room with just my sister, as opposed to our set up now where all 3 of us (my brother, sister and myself) share one tiny room. Also looking forward to our own bathroom (separate from my dad). And a lot of things.

What I’m not so enthused about is the actual process of moving. It’s so tiring. I sound like a brat, but it really is. My whole life, I’ve only ever moved once before. And that was to a unit 10 steps away from our old unit in one same apartment. And it practically knocked me out! I remember saying that I will never move again. I will live there forever. When I have my own family, I will make them live in that same apartment unit. But really, now I’m thankful that we are moving. A bit anxious, and not looking forward to the labor…but still thankful.

Anyway, tonight after work I went with my mom and brother to check the house. It’s a townhouse that we had tweaked and customized a little bit. Here are some pictures of the messy but promising place. 🙂

1st floor

Room I'll share with my sister. Yay for bookshelves!

Still part of our room. Love that vanity mirror.

Click here for more pictures (opens in new window). The house isn’t very big, but I’m happy with it. Can’t wait to get our stuff in that small cramped room.


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