I’ve had 3 consecutive dreams about guys I don’t know personally. 2 didn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen and 1 was Hunter Parrish of Weeds. I think this might just be my subconscious making up for the scary dream I had recently. I think I dreamt about Hunter because Nikki and I have been discussing him as a potential Peeta Mellark for the upcoming The Hunger Games movie. For the record: I’m all for it and she isn’t. She thinks he’s too good-looking, and while I agree, I just can’t say no to someone I adore being a part of a movie I’m bound to love. Another reason might be because my sister just informed me that the latest Weeds season is over and this got me excited because this means I can finally watch it. I don’t like waiting a week for the next episode of Weeds because I get too into it and go a bit crazy. Also, I like my Silas Botwin in one big serving.