I have a lot to say. I like to write. That’s pretty much why I started this page. It’s for myself. It’s so I can talk about whatever the hell I want. If you’ve stumbled upon my little nook in the worldwide web, feel free to leave a comment or whatnot. If you know me personally…well…what? You want a hug or something?!

Awesome Artists
Awesome finds in DeviantArt and other stuff around the net.

Pretty self explanatory. Anything pertaining to what I have been doing to entertain myself with these days.

If you’re a fan of I Can Has Cheezburger then you’ll understand this category. It’s pretty much pictures of the people in my life with LOLCAT-like kapshunzzz.

Rants & Whatnots
Everything else I choose to write about.

Sasha’s Confessions
Some random stuff (secrets? — not really) I feel like talking about.