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if this is a manip or an actual photo. The artist said it’s an actual photo. I have no way of knowing because I suck. Either way…wow!

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The 2nd installment of Awesome Artists features Gilad Benari. I confess, I don’t really know much about this photographer, except that he takes awesome photos.

When I first joined deviantArt, I didn’t know a lot of people besides my friends so I just started looking around. I saw Still Standing (pictured on the right) at the Prints section and put it on my wishlist. After a while, I chanced across Traveling on a Lonely Road (pictured below) and fave’d it. I started watching him after that.

Update after update, he never ceases to amaze me. I always refer to photography as capturing life’s beauty and he certainly does that with his photos. His works made me realize how beautiful Israel is.

Traveling on a Lonely Road

He also got me interested in IR photography, which I am yet to pick up. (*Note: Sasha needs moolah.)

His concepts are amazing and varied. I never get bored visiting this guy’s gallery. Aside from the amazing photographs, his descriptions are always well thought out. He writes a short poem that goes with the photo along with his camera settings, photoshop tweakings, etc.

His description for Traveling on a Lonely Road reads:

Never been so alone as I was on my way to you
Traveling on a lonely road and chasing a fading rainbow
The road seems longer with every step I take
A storm is about to silence my thoughts and so I break
A tear in my eye reflects us passing by
I’ll still be on my way even when I arrive
So allow me to look you in the eye, whisper my final goodbye

It would be a dream to be an apprentice for this guy, just to follow him around and watch him work. Aside from being a great photographer, I see that he has a lot of love for his country and that’s something to admire as well.

For more of his breathtaking photographs, click on.

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For my first Awesome Artists feature, I’ve decided to do it on Emmy Cicierega.

Emmy and the Cat Barettes

I actually discovered this wonderful young artist through Harry Potter. If you have been living under a rock, then you might not have heard of Potter Puppet Pals yet. If you are fortunate enough to know about this wonderful website, then you know how funny those short clips are. Neil and his sister Emmy started off with 2 Flash animated videos but have now made more, complete with actual puppets and a stage.

Since my discovery of PPP, I have been watching and admiring Emmy’s works on deviantArt. Her style is very light and carefree, with lots of colors and crazy ideas. She’s also been known to skip outlining her drawings. And let’s not forget that wonderful sense of humor of hers. She makes drawing and animating look effortless, which, I can honestly say, is not the case, having studied Multimedia Arts (and failing epicly).

Click on for more of her awesome-ness.

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