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A few months ago, I started posting about the books I’ve been reading on my Tumblr site. Just because I can, and also because I’m semi-back here in WordPress, I thought I’d put a link up in case anyone who comes across this blog is interested. So far, I only have 3 entries because I got so engrossed with The Hunger Games trilogy, I didn’t have time to post about them. Anyway, you can find the link to the list of my book recommendations on the left side bar under FRIENDS. 🙂


Please, miss…give me back my heart. And my being a straight girl, while you’re at it.

This has got to be, by far, her best photo shoot EVER. And, oh…those shades? FIERCE!

Photos nabbed from KSTEWARTFAN.

Sometimes I feel too lazy to compose entries, and that’s where these random posts come from. I have thoughts in my head, but no will to construct them into individual posts. Anyway….

I went to Marié Digby’s concert last Saturday. Goodness, she’s really pretty. It was a short set, and she played more songs from her 2nd album (which I don’t have), but I still enjoyed it. Her last two songs were Umbrella and Say It Again, which were obviously the crowd favorites. Also, she managed to flash the entire room. She was wearing a really short and tight mini skirt…then she sat on a stool. Poor girl. Still, it was entertaining and she was really gorgeous.

I watched G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Again, I have nothing to compare this to, not having seen the cartoons or comics (were there comics?!) as a child, but for an action flick, it was pretty good. It was entertaining enough, lots of things blowing up, people kicking each other, Channing Tatum (and Marlon Wayans) shirtless and a couple of hot girls (Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols). I sound like a guy on that last one.

Is this movie for real?! Check out the cast list. Looks like an American version of Love Actually, which I loved.

Alright, that’s it for now. Later!

Cos I actually like him better bald, eyebrowless and sickly.

I couldn’t find a decent pic of him as Taylor Ambrose (in My Sister’s Keeper). I suppose you have to watch the movie to fully appreciate him. I didn’t even recognize him. I mean, I’ve always thought he (Thomas Dekker) was good looking, but kind of in the pretty-ish Zac Efron side. But he was definitely not like that as Taylor. 🙂

Anyway, ya’ll should see the film. Major tearjerker. From the moment it started, I was trying to hold back the tears. But maybe that’s cos I read the book first and knew what was coming. They changed a LOT, but if you haven’t read the book, you’ll still like it. At least I think so.

Bring tissues.

PS: OMG THAT’S ELOISE!! She totally did not change, she looks exactly the same. Except bald. LOL

Tonight, I discovered Jason Mraz’ blog. I’ve been following him on Twitter for a while now (though someone else updates for him), but I only discovered his blog a few hours ago. And boy am I glad I did. After reading through some of his latest entries, I now feel embarrassed with my writing. I’ve always known that he was a great poet, but even his blog entries are effortlessly clever and beautiful.

Take, for example, this passage from his June 29th post:

At the tent poled city of Glastonbury, (population 200,000) I witnessed only a fraction of the humble madness. Should I wake up tomorrow transformed, believing life’s purpose is a Papier-mâché balloon rising on a single candle of love’s light, I will not be surprised.

From this view I can see resonating vividly over tangled and knotty hairs, halos bright enough to sunburn. A merry many dress in a very natural way of being, neither a dusty nor a muddy one per se, but certainly in a style responsive to or inspired by dance, considerate of five plus days of bare moon on flesh, bare foot in boot, and bare back on the hillfronts. Already a memory from this height, the code of dress comes together; a patchwork where the sum of colors are the non-colors of incense. Ash. Smoke. Vibe.

Wow. I must admit, some of that just went over my head. He could be talking about crap, and he’d still make it sound so beautiful and inspiring.

*sigh* I wish he’d come back and do a concert here again (I wasn’t really a fan when he came here before, I’m a late bloomer that way). I’ll cross my fingers.

We’ve lost the King of Pop and the hottest of Charlie’s Angels.

RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

I remember feeling so excited when I first found out that they were doing The Time Traveler’s Wife movie [refer to this blog entry]. From that day on, I was always on YouTube, searching for ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife + trailer’ but the results only showed fanmade videos. Today, a friend of mine ym-ed me this video:

Seriously, I cannot contain my excitement. I watched it here at the office, and I cried. My sister, whose desk is right next to mine, laughed at me. Pfft! And I’m now ok with Eric Bana playing Henry, though Ryan Gosling would still be better for the role (since Henry is supposed to be thin). But yeah…he seemed ok in the trailer. Now, Alba is a different story, but I won’t get into that. LOL

On it’s imdb page, there is no release date for the Philippines. I will seriously hurt someone if they don’t show it here.

As most of you know, my mom, sister and I all suffer from the same addiction…the addiction to movies. LOL We watch at least twice a week, providing that there are new good movies out. Sometimes, they don’t even have to be good. Or new, for that matter. My mom and I have been known to watch really good movies more than once (try three times!). Addiction does that to you sometimes. And boredom.

So it’s really awesome that a friend of my dad’s issued 2 MTRCB cards to my mom and sister, so it basically means they each get to watch movies for free. They also get to bring 1 companion each. So we all watch for free. Even on IMAX. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve watched quite a few movies recently, I can’t remember the order. But I shall proceed to give you my opinion on each of them.

In alphabetical order (because that’s how my computer saved the poster pictures):

17 Again – funny! I didn’t really think I would enjoy this movie because to be quite honest, I’m not a big Zac Efron fan. I think he’s too pretty to be a boy, and when he tries to be ‘sexy’ he just looks gay. And I was subjected to watching HSM3 because of my nephew. (I really should’ve opened with that. LOL) But I have to admit that his acting improved (or maybe it’s because he didn’t try to be ‘sexy’ that much) and I found myself LOL-ing the entire film. I loved his character’s relationship with his best friend.

Angels & Demons – okay, first of all, I did not read the book. So I have no point of comparison. I liked the movie as a movie. It wasn’t as confusing as the first one, but maybe I just don’t remember The Da Vinci Code. Anyway, a friend of mine said that it’s such a bad adaptation and he hated it. I guess that’s the one good thing about not reading the book version. We all know that the books are always better than the movies. That’s why I always take movies as different stories from the books. Anyway…

Crank – LOL I laughed so much while watching this movie. It was so bad, but it wasn’t trying to be good anyway. That’s the difference between this movie and a certain abomination called The Punisher (which I won’t even bother with here because it was GAWD AWFUL!), it knew it was silly (who would survive a helicopter fall other than superheroes?!), so it went with it. The entire film was silly. And Jason Statham?! Hot as always, of course. 🙂

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past – this movie was ok. I laughed on certain parts. I LOVED EMMA STONE in it, she’s hilarious. It was pretty much a typical Matthew McConaughey film. I liked some of his other movies better, though. But then, I liked this film better than his other films. So meh. It’s a dvd movie at best, maybe an HBO one. [Feel free to skip ahead.] And because wordpress is being a bitch, I have to keep typing nonsense or else the next poster shows up on this part.

Monsters vs. Aliens – I enjoyed this movie because I’m just a little kid trapped in a grown woman’s body. I watched it so long ago though, I can’t remember much about it. I do remember that I loved the cockroach scientist because I could totally picture Hugh Laurie whenever he spoke. Also, Bob was hilarious! I admit, it wasn’t like Wall-E (I think that movie will forever be my most favorite animated film. Well, let’s wait for Up.), but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Night at the Museum 2 – I didn’t really expect much from this film. When I first heard they were making a sequel, I was like, ‘really?!’. And I guess that helped a little because I was actually lol-ing so much while I was watching it. Every time Hank Azaria was in a scene, my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Jonah Hill’s small part was awesome too. And even Abe Lincoln was funny, whodathunk?! And as always, Amy Adams is just so pretty. And I loved Bill Hader, he was so stupid.

Star Trek – I was never a fan of this franchise, though I remember watching it on TV. I remember Shatner’s version and also Patrick Stewart’s. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Kirk’s character was arrogant and kind of an a-hole, which I liked. And Sylar Spock was just adorable. I wanted to just smother him with kisses and watch him squirm (kind of like how I feel about Monk). It’s the kind of movie I would gladly watch over and over again (but I didn’t). Also, Anton Yelchin’s character (Chekov) was just adorable!! But I’ve always had a crush on Anton, so…

Terminator Salvation – again, I have no point of comparison for this movie because I’ve never seen the other films. I know, I know. Loser, right? I was young then, I wasn’t into movies yet. Anyway, I liked this film, and my mom said that she actually liked it the best out of all the Terminator films (hides my mom from potential tomato chuckers). So yeah…like I said in my twitter account…Christian Bale – Meh. Sam Worthington – Hot. Anton Yelchin – OMG YES PLEASE GIMME! Another movie I’d happily watch again and again.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – OMG FINALLY! Loyal readers of this blog (meaning my sister and friends LOL) will remember how ecstatic I was to find out that Taylor Kitsch was playing Gambit because I’ve been waiting for that character to show up in the films (he’s my 2nd favorite, 1st is Rogue)…and to have Taylor Kitsch play him?! It was more than I could ask for. But before we get to that, the movie was actually good. It was everything it was supposed to be. Action-packed with lots of exploding things and Wolverine slashing people. Comic loyalists probably hated the movie and I could understand why. They changed a lot of things, but like I said…I take movies as different stories from their book counterparts. And OMG what did Hugh Jackman do?! He looked like a monster (in a good way) in this movie! I mean, those arms! He managed to make Ryan Reynolds look normal. Not to say that Reynolds didn’t look amazing as well. Like I told my friends, the movie would’ve been WAY better if Gambit, Wolvie and Deadpool all fought each other shirtless. Seriously. 🙂 Also, it needed more Gambit!

Anyway, I’m practically shaking from hunger here. I can’t even reread what I wrote to edit it, so please forgive any typos, etc. I’ll have to check it tomorrow. I haven’t eaten dinner yet and it’s 15 minutes past midnight here already. Ciao!

ETA: I finally reread this and man, did I have a lot of typos! I was thinking of certain words and wrote the opposite of what I meant! And also, I butchered some character names. Haha All’s fixed now, I think. I hope. 🙂

how much I miss watching this man perform.

Gotta love him.

JamLegend – just click on that link, sign up and start playing! (Clicking on that link will automatically add you to my friends list.) It’s seriously addicting, my sister and I play it in the office so much, our fingers cramp up! LOL

It’s basically an online version of Guitar Hero except you use your computer keyboard as your guitar. You can play it on a laptop, but it’s more fun when you use a desktop computer because you can flip your keyboard and rock out like a true guitarist! Hahaha



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