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I’ve had 3 consecutive dreams about guys I don’t know personally. 2 didn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen and 1 was Hunter Parrish of Weeds. I think this might just be my subconscious making up for the scary dream I had recently. I think I dreamt about Hunter because Nikki and I have been discussing him as a potential Peeta Mellark for the upcoming The Hunger Games movie. For the record: I’m all for it and she isn’t. She thinks he’s too good-looking, and while I agree, I just can’t say no to someone I adore being a part of a movie I’m bound to love. Another reason might be because my sister just informed me that the latest Weeds season is over and this got me excited because this means I can finally watch it. I don’t like waiting a week for the next episode of Weeds because I get too into it and go a bit crazy. Also, I like my Silas Botwin in one big serving.

A few months ago, I started posting about the books I’ve been reading on my Tumblr site. Just because I can, and also because I’m semi-back here in WordPress, I thought I’d put a link up in case anyone who comes across this blog is interested. So far, I only have 3 entries because I got so engrossed with The Hunger Games trilogy, I didn’t have time to post about them. Anyway, you can find the link to the list of my book recommendations on the left side bar under FRIENDS. 🙂

All my life, I’ve only ever bought one phone: a pinkish-lavender Samsung S5230 Star, procured after my mom’s hand-me-down pink-and-cream Nokia 7360 was lost in some Tropical Hut off the SLEX highway. I was stupid enough to leave it on top of a table I shared with my cousins and only realized it when the table was already cleared by one of the chain’s staff. Of course none of them claimed to have seen any phone on any table, even though my cousins and I were practically the only customers at the time. Needless to say, that first awesome out of town trip to Batangas with my cousins will forever be marred in my head by that unfortunate incident.

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I always forget that I made my phone’s welcome message ‘BAZINGA!’. Every time I accidentally turn it off or it turns off by itself and I have to turn it back on, the screen would greet me with Sheldon’s (The Big Bang Theory) catchy phrase. And I’ll tell you this for free—I always, ALWAYS giggle to myself. It’s now become like my own private joke with my cellphone. And yes, I am aware how sad having a private joke with your cellphone is.

For those of you who don’t watch TBBT, I feel sorry for you, you’re seriously missing out. Here’s some of Sheldon’s bazingas.

Sasha and Zoe back in March 2000

I met Zoe during my freshman year in high school. She was a new student but I was so intimidated by her that I didn’t really talk to her until about the 3rd day. All my other classmates had been telling me that she was really nice, but because she was this tall, beautiful and confident girl who spoke no Filipino I stayed away. It wasn’t until she started goofing off in our classroom that I had the confidence to even approach her and introduce myself. I can’t remember how exactly, but the group started talking about NSYNC and we both said how much we loved that group. We turned to each other and said “I LOVE JUSTIN!” and thus, our friendship was born.

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So I’m aware I missed Christmas and New Year. I don’t think anyone reads this blog anyway. But just in case, BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’m too lazy to write an update on my holidays, just know that it was actually one of the best ones I’ve had, I think.

I’ve started a Tumblr blog so I suppose I wouldn’t be here as much as before. Tumblr is easier to maintain. But I’ll still keep this for those times that I feel like writing an actual post.

I think I might be getting a new tattoo soon. I want it on the side of my ribs. I might get it next Saturday, provided that I still have enough money by then.

I recently got The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire. Haven’t started on it, though. Soon. I’ve just been a bit out of it lately. Haven’t been reading much.

The doctor said I might (MIGHT) have polycystic ovary syndrome. I’m too chicken and self-conscious to let them do the test to check if I do have it. I’m just praying I don’t have it.

Movies I’ve seen lately and LOVED: Avatar, Zombieland (!!!), Sherlock Holmes.

We bought a townhouse just near where we live right now and according to my parents, we’re moving next week. I’ll tell you this for free…I am NOT looking forward to that. I mean, sure. I want to get out of this place soon. It’s old and has mice and roaches and mites. It’s also cramped. And I’m looking forward to sharing a room with just my sister, as opposed to our set up now where all 3 of us (my brother, sister and myself) share one tiny room. Also looking forward to our own bathroom (separate from my dad). And a lot of things.

What I’m not so enthused about is the actual process of moving. It’s so tiring. I sound like a brat, but it really is. My whole life, I’ve only ever moved once before. And that was to a unit 10 steps away from our old unit in one same apartment. And it practically knocked me out! I remember saying that I will never move again. I will live there forever. When I have my own family, I will make them live in that same apartment unit. But really, now I’m thankful that we are moving. A bit anxious, and not looking forward to the labor…but still thankful.

Anyway, tonight after work I went with my mom and brother to check the house. It’s a townhouse that we had tweaked and customized a little bit. Here are some pictures of the messy but promising place. 🙂

1st floor

Room I'll share with my sister. Yay for bookshelves!

Still part of our room. Love that vanity mirror.

Click here for more pictures (opens in new window). The house isn’t very big, but I’m happy with it. Can’t wait to get our stuff in that small cramped room.

I never really thought about death. I mean, not really thought about it. I thought of dying, yes. But not the thing that follows that. The permanent state of being dead. I suppose I did indirectly. At the back of my mind. Subconsciously. Before my maternal grandpa died, I was so afraid of ghosts. Not that I’m not anymore. I still am, of course. I’m a big scaredy-cat. But after his death, I felt more…protected. I would get scared and think, ‘eh!…Lolo Tempul’s got my back‘, as if he was in some other dimension, karate-chopping ghosts on their necks. Somehow that thought comforted me, and I could sleep with the lights off.

But if I think of death directly, I can’t say exactly how I picture it. Because I do believe in Heaven, and many times my prayers would end with ‘take care of lolo, God.’ So yes, I picture him up there with the Big Guy I pray to. But I also picture him down here, hovering near us, haunting his room, watching all of us and chuckling at our antics the way he used to when he was still alive. And really, both scenarios warm my heart.

I suppose you’re wondering what brought this on. Oftentimes I write about passing…of pain, of wanting to escape. That is what I think of dying. But after reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, I’ve started thinking of the afterlife. Will I linger? Where? Will I haunt anyone? Or will I simply still exist without actually existing? Stuck in another room with one-sided mirrors for walls, always so close but never quite there. Will I long to be alive again? To be with the people I love? To touch again? To be warm again? Or will I simply relish the freedom that I felt eluded me during my living years?

if this is a manip or an actual photo. The artist said it’s an actual photo. I have no way of knowing because I suck. Either way…wow!

Click here to go to the artist’s DeviantArt page.

Sometimes I feel too lazy to compose entries, and that’s where these random posts come from. I have thoughts in my head, but no will to construct them into individual posts. Anyway….

I went to Marié Digby’s concert last Saturday. Goodness, she’s really pretty. It was a short set, and she played more songs from her 2nd album (which I don’t have), but I still enjoyed it. Her last two songs were Umbrella and Say It Again, which were obviously the crowd favorites. Also, she managed to flash the entire room. She was wearing a really short and tight mini skirt…then she sat on a stool. Poor girl. Still, it was entertaining and she was really gorgeous.

I watched G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Again, I have nothing to compare this to, not having seen the cartoons or comics (were there comics?!) as a child, but for an action flick, it was pretty good. It was entertaining enough, lots of things blowing up, people kicking each other, Channing Tatum (and Marlon Wayans) shirtless and a couple of hot girls (Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols). I sound like a guy on that last one.

Is this movie for real?! Check out the cast list. Looks like an American version of Love Actually, which I loved.

Alright, that’s it for now. Later!


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