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Please, miss…give me back my heart. And my being a straight girl, while you’re at it.

This has got to be, by far, her best photo shoot EVER. And, oh…those shades? FIERCE!

Photos nabbed from KSTEWARTFAN.


– I realized that if I put Kristen Stewart’s name as a subject of a blog update, that blog will be my most viewed blog entry ever IN ONE DAY. (It got 83 hits in one day. My most viewed update before that got around 45 hits from February until the present.)

– Look what my sister bought!:

Our desks are somehow not very compatible with our mice (?) so we really needed mouse pads.

– Mary Louise Parker is one of the most beautiful, weird and beautifully weird actresses I’ve ever seen during interviews/press conferences.

– Our Christmas trees (at home and in the office) are up. I helped decorate the one in our office and I’m a little proud of that. Not enough to post pictures of it here because it’s not that pretty, really (but you get a glimpse of it in the background of the pic up there). The one at home was done by my mom and it’s gorgeous! But again, no pictures because I’m too lazy to take pictures of it.

– I love Christmas time. My aunt’s coming home from Australia tomorrow and will be staying until mid-January, I think. Then Lala is coming home next week too! And I am VERY ecstatic about that. I repeat, I love Christmas!


This post was originally going to be about these pictures:

To make a long post short, I just love that she’s just so laid back and doesn’t really care about being so ‘Hollywood’. Acting is her job, she doesn’t set out to be anyone’s role model. If she feels like sitting in front of her house and smoking a pipe (and we can only guess what’s in that pipe) with her boyfriend, then she’s going to sit in front of her house and smoke! It’s not her fault that the damn paparazzi are camped out in front of her house.

So that’s basically what I was talking about on my previous post about liking her even more. But then I watched Speak and Into the Wild and wow. Speak just moved me to tears! She was natural and I was able to relate to the story so much. As for Into the Wild…well, before I even knew that she was in the movie, I wanted to watch it. Then, about 3 quarters into the movie, this just blew my mind:

She sings (a song she co-wrote in real life) solo before this scene, but I can’t find a decent clip of that. I already knew that she was a hippie singer in this movie before watching it, but watching it and hearing it is different. Of course, she’s not Alicia Keys or anything, but she sure as hell can sing! And play the guitar. If Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan can be called ‘singers’, Kristen Stewart deserves Grammy awards!

So yes, this girl owns my heart right now.

Last Wednesday, I finally got to watch the Twilight movie with my friends. I watched it again the following day with my sister and her friends, who all saw it the night before too.

WARNING: This will be a long post. I tend to babble a lot.

Here are the things I didn’t like about it:

— The special effects were horrendous! The sparkle effect on Rob looked like sweat (and as Leia pointed out, came with wind chimes!). The supposedly super fast vampires looked comedic whenever they ran or moved too fast.

— Rob as Emodward could use some acting lessons. I get what he was trying to do, he wanted Edward to be this tortured, angsty vampire and I liked that he didn’t want to just portray him as this super beautiful vampire. But really, he was so much better when he was happy Edward. That scene where everyone was looking at him and Bella?! Awesome! (And I’m not just saying that because he looked the hottest then.)

— Kristen as Bella has always been the best choice in my opinion. She LOOKS like the Bella in my head (albeit a little too pretty sometimes). But she twitched a little too much. There were times when I truly believed that she forgot her lines and they just kept rolling. (Give the girl a break, feed her her lines.) But I’ve seen her in numerous interviews and she really does twitch a lot whenever she’s uncomfortable or nervous. Poor girl.

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is that you get maple syrup on it without even noticing. Pfft.

On a completely unsticky, unsweet different note, I got sick last night yet again. I don’t know what I ate, but it definitely did not agree with my stomach AT ALL. So not only did I have to eat tasteless congee for lunch today, I also had to stay home (but I’m not complaining about that). I got to watch mid-afternoon shows and it made me really miss being a bum. I miss getting to watch Will & Grace and I got to catch the first episode of Kyle XY on Star World and I found it really entertaining. And I hate that I won’t be able to watch it religiously because it’s on at 3 in the afternoon. Good thing Vi (my brother’s best friend) has dvds of it and Tep said he’ll ask her for them.

Another thing my brother told me he’ll do is to ask his friend whose wife works for the cinemas in Megamall to get me a Twilight movie poster. I’m crossing my fingers for that.

Alright…I’m limiting my time online lately so I’ll skedaddle out of here.


MIXTHREADS in cooperation with 7GD
invites you to a special screening of
on 11.26.08 at the Greenbelt 3 Cinema 3
8pm in the evening.

Proceeds from ticket sales and our shirt orders
would be donated to CHILDHOPE ASIA PHIL.
“The Breakfast Club” Project

Just plugging Lai‘s project.

1. Because I don’t have self-control. NO concept of it whatsoever! Not even in my vocabulary at all.

2. I keep going out with my friends, I’m addicted to them.

And # 3:

Forgive the crappy photography skills or lack of it. I have no idea how to shoot products. LULZ More pictures of the Twilight book after the jump.

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Alright, so for all you Filipino Twilight addicts, Mixthreads has come up with some awesome Twilight shirts.

Mixthreads banner

Mixthreads banner

Go check them out and place your orders. My sister and I are each getting one.

These videos crack me up so bad:

*sings: “Bella’s a WHOOOOORE!”

Note: I don’t really think Bella’s a whore, but that part has to be the funniest part.

Mixthreads is having a poll to decide whether or not they should produce Twilight-inspired shirts.


We all know that there can never be enough Twilight goodies. So go vote! There are a lot of funny and sweet quotes from the series so I think even non-readers would appreciate the shirts.


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