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All my life, I’ve only ever bought one phone: a pinkish-lavender Samsung S5230 Star, procured after my mom’s hand-me-down pink-and-cream Nokia 7360 was lost in some Tropical Hut off the SLEX highway. I was stupid enough to leave it on top of a table I shared with my cousins and only realized it when the table was already cleared by one of the chain’s staff. Of course none of them claimed to have seen any phone on any table, even though my cousins and I were practically the only customers at the time. Needless to say, that first awesome out of town trip to Batangas with my cousins will forever be marred in my head by that unfortunate incident.

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Aleah has been my best friend since we were snotty little kids in the 4th grade. She’s injured me a couple of times (okay, maybe one time and it wasn’t really an injury, if you want to be technical about it), we’ve taken showers together and I’ve probably spat on her on numerous occasions because we’re gross like that. She’s the most loyal friend I have and I’m sorry to say that I’m not always the best best friend I could be to her. During our college years, and those after, we’ve sort of fallen out of each other’s radars but we still see still each other from time to time, as long as our schedules would permit it.

The other day, I left her a comment on her friendster account and told her how much I’ve been missing her and today, she left a comment on my account with this:

Of course I’m a bit confused. I’m pretty sure that’s her on the photo, I will always recognize those legs (LOL), but I had no inkling that she was in a band. So I text her to ask about it, and it turns out, yep! She’s in a band. She’s just starting with them (the band is a bit older) and they just recently recorded a few tracks.

I seriously need to be a better friend to her, damn it!


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