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All my life, I’ve only ever bought one phone: a pinkish-lavender Samsung S5230 Star, procured after my mom’s hand-me-down pink-and-cream Nokia 7360 was lost in some Tropical Hut off the SLEX highway. I was stupid enough to leave it on top of a table I shared with my cousins and only realized it when the table was already cleared by one of the chain’s staff. Of course none of them claimed to have seen any phone on any table, even though my cousins and I were practically the only customers at the time. Needless to say, that first awesome out of town trip to Batangas with my cousins will forever be marred in my head by that unfortunate incident.

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I know I haven’t been on that much around here. I’ve mostly been on Twitter. I feel so bad, I keep telling myself that I’ll blog again, but I never do. So here I am, forcing myself to write even though I’m not really that up to it to be honest.

In no particular order, I’m going to write about what I’ve been doing lately.

So I went to Pansol, Laguna with my college friends (Lala, Kuya Dale and Altair weren’t there though), and we had such a great time. I got much darker on that weekend trip than when I went on that more-than-a-week-long cruise. Probably because all we did was swim and eat and drink.

Fisheye Underwater

Fisheye Underwater

You may not see me, but I’m in there somewhere. I’m the one with bubbles all over her face. I really have to learn how to smile underwater.

Note: Image heavy after the jump.

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It’s taken me so long to update about my trip because there was just so many things to talk about. And also so many pictures! But here I am, sucking it up and telling you all about it.

So last April 8-16, 2009, my family and I (along with my dad’s camera crew) went on the 7107 Islands Cruise, which went around the most beautiful islands of the Philippines.

We got there late into the afternoon and basically just registered, checked in, played switcherooms, dumped our stuff in our respective rooms, and ate dinner.

Tep, Uncle Cris, Tam, Sasha, Mom, Uncle Ramon and Detdet

More after the jump… (Image heavy)

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Sasha is going on a 9-day cruise around the many islands of the Philippines. She is going to enjoy herself. She is going to take lots and LOTS of pictures. She is going to make people take lots and LOTS of pictures of her as well. But she will miss talking and seeing her friends A LOT. She will be back on the 16th.

And she is officially freaked out by this blogging in the third person nonsense.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I won’t name names, but it involved some of my closest guy friends.

In my dream, this close guy friend (don’t even try to guess who it is, it’s not who you think) of mine and I had started dating. But he was such a jerk, not at all like how he is as a friend now. We broke up and he was such an asshole about it, like saying things that only really jerk-y guys say. I was crying to another guy friend about it and he was comforting me. Then he went to talk to the jerk about it and I went up to my room where our maid (one who already left us a long time ago in real life) was changing bed sheets. I peeked out my window and they were right below it, sitting by the wall across my window. My guy friend, my supposed jerk of an ex, and another guy friend (to be honest, I can’t remember who the 3rd guy friend was) were all drinking beer. Then, the first guy friend looked up at my window and grinned like an idiot and made a hand gesture to let me know that he knows I’m watching them. Then I just went to my bed and cried there.

It was just so weird, that when I woke up, I didn’t even feel bad. You know how sometimes you wake up from a dream where you were crying and you’re really sad? Not this time, it was more like ‘wtf, subconscious?!’ I know they say that the people in our dreams are actually just representations of ourselves. So maybe deep deep deep down inside I’m just an asshole?! Hahaha

Man, how tired was I last night?!?

Well, 2 birthdays and 1 anniversary.

Last Saturday, we celebrated 3 occasions: mine and my brother’s birthdays and my parents’ 29th anniversary. The party was held at 121 Restaurant & Bar in Pasong Tamo Extension, which is owned by a family friend. I seriously did not expect to have that much fun.

Ok, most of my high school friends weren’t there, which really bummed me out. But those who came were my closest and dearest friends. My college friends were mostly complete, plus a few surprises here and there. Hahaha! M12 people were also there, excepting the big M (his brother graduated that day, so they had a family thing). And of course my beautiful family. Having all of them there made it the best celebration I’ve ever had.

Well, that and the booze!!

The early UBE people (+ Zy, who's an official UBE girl now)

I love my cousins so much

Well, well, well! The big disappointer dropped by.

The M12 ladies plus Yanky (in black)

The M12 ladies plus Yanky (in black)

More pictures after the jump. And I mean MORE!

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Yeah, aren’t I just the most articulate person you know?

This whole thing about my birthday celebration is just taking its toll on me. Before, it was a problem of not being able to invite everyone, of some of my closest friends not being able to make it, of maybe having my monthly visitor and not being able to swim that weekend. Now that the plans have changed and I’ve gotten the celebration that I really wanted in the first place (a simple party with booze and friends), another disappointment comes pouncing on me. And what a disappointment.

I really hate that the more you care for someone, the more disappointed you get by them. I mean, yes, I understand. She needs to get away, she’s suffering from a broken heart. I can’t just ask her to forget about her pain to celebrate my birthday with me. What kind of a friend would that make me? But in the 23 years that I’ve had birthdays, I’ve only had big celebrations twice. Once was on my debut, and now this. She didn’t make it to my debut. And now this.

I know, I know. I sound like a selfish little brat. Poor little girl, can’t be with everyone she wants on her birthday. But that visitor finally came last night and I think I’ve been a good enough person to have the right to throw tantrums once in a while.

I took out my camera last night because I wanted to play around with it when I discovered that the battery was drained. My brother apparently forgot to charge it after he borrowed it. For some reason, I was feeling productive and didn’t want to just sit around all night. That’s when I remembered that I took home some of my sticky tack from the office and that I recently found my college basic photography portfolio. So while charging my battery, I decided to put up some pictures next to my bed. Then of course I took some pictures.

All the pictures where taken by me. Artworks are by Domeng (b&w) and Gino.
Close ups (links open in new windows): [1] [2] [3] [4]
Don’t have pictures of Madz, Charm and Leia. 😦 Will take care of that soon.

After that, I decided I wanted to give you a little peek of my home.

What my bed looks like when I’m getting ready to sleep.
Close ups: [1] [2] [3]
Books/Notebooks: Love Letters of Great Men, The Notebook (my brother’s Christmas gift), The Te of Piglet (Domeng’s copy, actually), Taking Pictures (short stories by Anne Enright), Pride and Prejudice of course, Enchantment (Audrey Hepburn’s life), notebook from Lala back in 2007, Starbucks planner and another notebook.
2 Tablecloth bears are from and by Domeng (cos she’s not human), my phone, my iPod, a headband, socks, and the eye cover thingy Eian gave me…and also some trash. 🙂

I don’t know why I took black and whites of these:

My Pride and Prejudice DVD Collections (BBC Series with Colin Firth and the 2005 version with Keira Knightley, of course), Audrey Hepburn DVDs and the Stargirl books. Below that are the Twilight books.

One Tree Hill DVDs, Edgar Allan Poe collection, the only manga I own (which was my sister’s Christmas gift for me this year) Gakuen Alice (and I’m officially announcing to the world what a dork I am), The Time Traveler’s Wife, Mr. Darcy: A Gentleman Trilogy, The Looking Glass Wars (a new book I haven’t read) and the Coraline graphic novel.

And just cos we spent all of last Wednesday organizing our bookshelves downstairs:

And the last photo I took last night was this (and it nearly broke my neck).

I’m chatting with Lala right now and I just started feeling mushy and sad. I just miss her and Madz so much. I guess the closer December comes (when they both come home), the more I miss them.

Lala has been gone a really, really, really long time. And it’s weird because we became closer after she left. I guess it’s because we started talking more. When she was back here, we rarely caught each other online. Now we practically have a schedule (after eating dinner, I excuse myself for my ‘Melbourne Date’ as I like to call it.) every weeknight. From 8:30-9pm (Philippines time) until 10-10:30pm is my ‘Lala time’. I feel incomplete if we miss a night. And my favorite words to read from her are ‘wala ako pasok sa ____’ (‘I don’t have work on ____‘). I know it means she won’t earn money then, but I’m really selfish, so…

I was just telling Lala that I actually have this physical pain in my chest because of how much I miss them. I guess I’m really that type of person who needs her friends close by. Creepy, I know. But that’s just me.

I can’t wait for December. This year, I’m not only looking forward to that month because of Christmas, but also because 2 of my most important friends are coming back home.

Waaaaah! I want to stop feeling mushy, like, NOW!

I need my friends in my life more than anything.

I didn’t go to work today again (menstrual cramps minus the ACTUAL period. Go figure.) so I decided to just write about my weekend.

I watched West Side Story (starring Christian Bautista and Karylle) with my family and Charm and her boyfriend Joel. The play was okay. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. My sister and I teared up on different occasions. Hers was when Tony had just been shot, and Maria sang to him in a regular voice, instead of her usual soprano. Mine was when Maria took the gun from Chino and said that she could kill now because she knew how to hate now. Other than that, it was okay for me. Anita (played by Pam G) was the best for me, I think she stole every scene she was in.

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