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Sasha and Zoe back in March 2000

I met Zoe during my freshman year in high school. She was a new student but I was so intimidated by her that I didn’t really talk to her until about the 3rd day. All my other classmates had been telling me that she was really nice, but because she was this tall, beautiful and confident girl who spoke no Filipino I stayed away. It wasn’t until she started goofing off in our classroom that I had the confidence to even approach her and introduce myself. I can’t remember how exactly, but the group started talking about NSYNC and we both said how much we loved that group. We turned to each other and said “I LOVE JUSTIN!” and thus, our friendship was born.

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You are the hardest to face
The most difficult word to say
My lips wrap around your form
And my gates immediately fall
I am no soldier against you
Every time, I just fall victim
Your power is unmatched
My world has not a shield
I question your existence
Each time I have no answer
And here you stand, stronger than me
Taking away all I have achieved
You reduce me to a mere mockery
A joke that you beat into the ground
I haven’t done a thing to resist, what can I?
For aren’t I just a jester in your court?

— June 3-4, 2008

Started writing this inside the car on the way home from work.

I never really realized how much more it hurts to break off a friendship than a romantic relationship.


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