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Please, miss…give me back my heart. And my being a straight girl, while you’re at it.

This has got to be, by far, her best photo shoot EVER. And, oh…those shades? FIERCE!

Photos nabbed from KSTEWARTFAN.


This post was originally going to be about these pictures:

To make a long post short, I just love that she’s just so laid back and doesn’t really care about being so ‘Hollywood’. Acting is her job, she doesn’t set out to be anyone’s role model. If she feels like sitting in front of her house and smoking a pipe (and we can only guess what’s in that pipe) with her boyfriend, then she’s going to sit in front of her house and smoke! It’s not her fault that the damn paparazzi are camped out in front of her house.

So that’s basically what I was talking about on my previous post about liking her even more. But then I watched Speak and Into the Wild and wow. Speak just moved me to tears! She was natural and I was able to relate to the story so much. As for Into the Wild…well, before I even knew that she was in the movie, I wanted to watch it. Then, about 3 quarters into the movie, this just blew my mind:

She sings (a song she co-wrote in real life) solo before this scene, but I can’t find a decent clip of that. I already knew that she was a hippie singer in this movie before watching it, but watching it and hearing it is different. Of course, she’s not Alicia Keys or anything, but she sure as hell can sing! And play the guitar. If Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan can be called ‘singers’, Kristen Stewart deserves Grammy awards!

So yes, this girl owns my heart right now.


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