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Sasha and Zoe back in March 2000

I met Zoe during my freshman year in high school. She was a new student but I was so intimidated by her that I didn’t really talk to her until about the 3rd day. All my other classmates had been telling me that she was really nice, but because she was this tall, beautiful and confident girl who spoke no Filipino I stayed away. It wasn’t until she started goofing off in our classroom that I had the confidence to even approach her and introduce myself. I can’t remember how exactly, but the group started talking about NSYNC and we both said how much we loved that group. We turned to each other and said “I LOVE JUSTIN!” and thus, our friendship was born.

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was my birthday. 🙂

Had dinner with the fam + Andrew and Eian at Cuillère. I had the Tenderloin Steak in Blue Cheese Sauce. We ordered the Chorizo Arabiata for my long life.:) I also ordered the Sophie Frozen Carafe because that drink is the shit! As always, finished it all by myself. And they sang happy birthday to me and gave me a nice flourless chocolate cake with a cute little happy birthday sign.:) We bought cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja and ate them at Starbucks.


Eian, Tam, Mom, Dad, Kat (family friend and owner of Cuillère), Tep, Drew and Moi. I look like crap, but it’s the only group pic.;)


Happy birthday to me!

with Drew


Bathroom shenanigans with my sister.


Last one.

More pictures here.

I had a pretty sweet loot this year too. My mom gave me a Victoria’s Secret bath set plus a cute little bag. My sister and Eian gave me Justin Timberlake’s concert DVD. And Andrew gave me a nice black bag (which I used that night) and the Transformers 2-Disc DVD. And as a gift to myself, I got the Superbad DVD because I adore that movie.:) So it was a pretty good birthday this year, I think.

Except for the fact that I’m a year older again and I still feel like an 18-year-old.


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