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All my life, I’ve only ever bought one phone: a pinkish-lavender Samsung S5230 Star, procured after my mom’s hand-me-down pink-and-cream Nokia 7360 was lost in some Tropical Hut off the SLEX highway. I was stupid enough to leave it on top of a table I shared with my cousins and only realized it when the table was already cleared by one of the chain’s staff. Of course none of them claimed to have seen any phone on any table, even though my cousins and I were practically the only customers at the time. Needless to say, that first awesome out of town trip to Batangas with my cousins will forever be marred in my head by that unfortunate incident.

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I just find it a little weird, really. It’s fun and awesome and all that…but still weird. Just like on Plurk, you get followed by random people you don’t know. Sometimes, I think, ‘Am I really that interesting? Are my tweets really that entertaining?’ And I’m not a celebrity outside of my own head (LOL) either. Not that I mind, I don’t tweet private things (I used to do that on Plurk because they have an option for private posts). It just makes me wonder sometimes.

But that isn’t the truly wonderfully weird part. Once, I tweeted about how I wanted to learn French or Spanish. I said maybe Spanish would be easier. Next thing I know all this accounts on French and Spanish languages are following me and saying how they can teach me a word a day if I wanted. Isn’t that just awesome?!

…or just wonderfully weird?


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