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I remember feeling so excited when I first found out that they were doing The Time Traveler’s Wife movie [refer to this blog entry]. From that day on, I was always on YouTube, searching for ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife + trailer’ but the results only showed fanmade videos. Today, a friend of mine ym-ed me this video:

Seriously, I cannot contain my excitement. I watched it here at the office, and I cried. My sister, whose desk is right next to mine, laughed at me. Pfft! And I’m now ok with Eric Bana playing Henry, though Ryan Gosling would still be better for the role (since Henry is supposed to be thin). But yeah…he seemed ok in the trailer. Now, Alba is a different story, but I won’t get into that. LOL

On it’s imdb page, there is no release date for the Philippines. I will seriously hurt someone if they don’t show it here.


Got this from Yoe’s blog. This kid is awesome!

A while back, you may remember that I started Awesome Artists and featured a young girl named Emmy Cicierega. (You can find that post here.) I mentioned that one of the things I like about her art is that sometimes she doesn’t outline her drawings. She posted a link to a video she did of how she does just that:

I wish I could draw like that.

I’m having an awful workday today. Here are a few videos that actually made me laugh.

I wonder what he’s on. Hahaha! I remember my nephew Migzy used to laugh every time the piece of tissue paper he’s holding got blown by the fan. The things kids laugh at.

Jack…I am your mother. LMFAO

Ahahahaha EVIL BABY!!

Last one:

Poor kid, but it makes me laugh.

I think I just might be in love with this girl. Okay, maybe not. But she’s gorgeous and talented. Want to watch more? Then click away.

Thanks Madz for introducing me to this wonderful new artist.:)

Hilarity ensued.

OMG Aren’t they the cutest?!? “Chawlie…that weely huwt!”

And Charlie’s face on the second vid when he bit his own finger!! And after 2 seconds, he goes right back to eating. Man! Where can I get one of these?! Hahaha!

I have never cried after watching people dance. Never. I find it corny and cheesy when people say they were so moved by the routine that it brought them to tears. For me, if a routine is great, I’m amazed by it. I don’t cry. Until I saw Travis and Heidi from season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance do their contemporary routine. They’re not even my favorites on that show. But it was a really touching dance, I couldn’t help it. I’m the cheesiest cornball there is.

I’m sorry I couldn’t find a link to just the dance part, so you have to sit through the entire segment where they practice as well.


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