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I’ve had 3 consecutive dreams about guys I don’t know personally. 2 didn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen and 1 was Hunter Parrish of Weeds. I think this might just be my subconscious making up for the scary dream I had recently. I think I dreamt about Hunter because Nikki and I have been discussing him as a potential Peeta Mellark for the upcoming The Hunger Games movie. For the record: I’m all for it and she isn’t. She thinks he’s too good-looking, and while I agree, I just can’t say no to someone I adore being a part of a movie I’m bound to love. Another reason might be because my sister just informed me that the latest Weeds season is over and this got me excited because this means I can finally watch it. I don’t like waiting a week for the next episode of Weeds because I get too into it and go a bit crazy. Also, I like my Silas Botwin in one big serving.


I always forget that I made my phone’s welcome message ‘BAZINGA!’. Every time I accidentally turn it off or it turns off by itself and I have to turn it back on, the screen would greet me with Sheldon’s (The Big Bang Theory) catchy phrase. And I’ll tell you this for free—I always, ALWAYS giggle to myself. It’s now become like my own private joke with my cellphone. And yes, I am aware how sad having a private joke with your cellphone is.

For those of you who don’t watch TBBT, I feel sorry for you, you’re seriously missing out. Here’s some of Sheldon’s bazingas.

This might not be a first time confession because I already tweeted about it, but I still want to blog about it (and probably annoy Zoe LOL).

Anyway, after coming home from work today, my sister and I had our afternoon snacks (of crackers and blue cheese), then went upstairs, hooked up my iPod to the computer and proceeded to study the steps to Hoedown Throwdown. It took us a while (though we agreed we’d say we only studied it for about 5 minutes), we spent time and sweat, embarrassed ourselves when my mom walked in on us, but we finally did it. True, we probably (surely) don’t look like the dancers we were studying, but whatever, this isn’t our job. Haha We had a lot of fun goofing off and struggling to do it just as fast as Miley and the other dancers.

But most importantly, we EXERCISED. We sure did sweat a lot. And now my left leg hurts. I’m sure I’m going to hate Hannah Montana a little tomorrow. But right now, I’m quite happy. LOL

Today I realized that sometimes, when I take a shower and my fallen hair makes little patterns on the walls, I imagine they’re pictures of people and make up poems in my head. I get most of my inspiration from that. I got The Fallen Star from that. Even the last part where it says

Then she tumbles down finally and is seen no more

…I got that when I washed the hair off the wall and it really looked like she tumbled head first towards the floor. I’m weird, I know.

Expect more Sasha’s Confessions coming soon.


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