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I’ve just finished reading the whole archives of Questionable Content. WTH am I supposed to do tomorrow at the office?! Damn my fast-reading capabilities to hell.

PS: Hannelore and Pintsize are now locked on a vicious battle for ownership of my heart. This battle may not end soon.


1. Because I don’t have self-control. NO concept of it whatsoever! Not even in my vocabulary at all.

2. I keep going out with my friends, I’m addicted to them.

And # 3:

Forgive the crappy photography skills or lack of it. I have no idea how to shoot products. LULZ More pictures of the Twilight book after the jump.

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Thanks to Lai, I have another addiction to add to my ever growing list. She introduced me to Questionable Content a few weeks (maybe days) ago and now I’m totally addicted. If you’re gonna’ start reading it, I suggest you really start at the beginning because it’s totally worth it. If you’re into that kinda’ stuff. It’s pretty funny and you can watch the way Jeph Jacques’ skills improve over time. Here’s a sample:

That anthroPC practically owns my heart! You guys (yes, all 3 of you) should go and get yourselves addicted too!

Today, my sister IMed me with ‘Hey Sasha Fierce!’ and all I could say was ‘What?!’. So then she gave me this link which really did not help my mood at all. First of all, the whole changing your name when you’re already famous thing is so stupid. It’s like when Kobe Bryant changed his jersey number. I don’t really know his reasons behind it, but c’mon! People already associated the #8 to him. He OWNED that number. It worked for him. And you know what they say about things that aren’t broken…YOU DON’T FIX IT!

Beyonce is a unique name already. Nobody else in the world has that name (hi, I’m Sasha and I exaggerate!), or at least not anyone else most people know. If you google that name, I guarantee you that that first few millions will be about Beyonce Knowles, R&B singer slash actress. But if you google Sasha, you get a lot of different people.

Second of all, Sasha FIERCE?! Are you freakin serious?! That’s like Alicia Keys changing her name to Christine Better-Singer-Than-You. Sasha Fierce sounds like a porn star’s name, as my friend Jaime said. It sounds stupid and you look stupid for changing your name. Remember how stupid it looked when Puff Daddy changed his name to P. Diddy? Well, this is worse because he already had a stupid name to begin with.

Seriously…she already gets all the attention she could ever want, she’s just being greedy.

Last night, I was having trouble sleeping again. I turned on the TV to help and nothing was on so I settled for Beauty and the Geek season 3. And I actually enjoyed it! I’ve never watched a single episode of that show before, but I actually liked last night’s show. Their challenge was about farming and they all had to milk cows and run around chasing sheep.

But who am I kidding?! The only reason I liked it was because of these two (pictured). Jennylee Berns and Nate Dern were so adorable. Maybe it was just because Nate is this supposed geek and Jennylee is really hot that I think it’s adorable. I’m a sap for romantic geek-gets-hot-girl/guy stories. So supposedly Nate is a big faker and he’s not really a geek and he’s actually an actor. And maybe the whole show is scripted and whatnot. I really couldn’t care. I just thought these two looked cute being all lovey-dovey to each other. Nate even snuck out of the mansion to say goodbye to Jennylee again before she left. He literally jumped out of a window, apparently, but they didn’t show it. He also got in trouble for it. Ah, young love.

In other non-cheesy reality show news, I won’t be gatecrashing with Nadia after all. Last night, Aleah told me that there was a slight chance that the gig would get canceled. She gave my number to their drummer Moki so that he would inform me if it would push through. When I woke up today, I got a text from the drummer that said the gig was still on. So after lunch, I texted Aleah to ask what time she’ll be at the bar, but she replied with:

‘Sash, the gig is postponed. We don’t know if Moki’s okay…we don’t know if he’s dead or what.’

Wow. Seriously, I have no idea what the hell happened, but wow. I guess we’ll see them another time and hopefully Moki IS still alive. *crosses fingers*

So it’s my first day back at work. I know I said I’d be perfectly fine by today, but I’m not completely well yet. I still need tissue with me 24/7. I’m still a little tired. I want to just go back to bed and sleep. You can see how tired and bored I look, and my nose is so red. Well, maybe not in the picture, but you can take my word for it.

Anyway, enough about me being sick. On my first day back, all I did was chat, plurk, blog and go on deviantart. I really miss going out with my friends. On Thursday, Aleah’s band Gatecrash with Nadia will be performing at a bar near my place and I’m going with some of my high school friends. Maybe on the weekend, I’ll see my college friends? We’ll see. For now, I’m going to sign off and go home.

PS: I went to Rustan’s last night with my mom and sister and I sampled Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. The EDT smells pretty nice, but the EDP is too heavy…if that makes sense. I’m trying to decide if I’ll buy the EDT or buy a new bottle of Femme by Hugo Boss because I really love that, that’s what I’m using now. We’ll see.

NOTE: I stupidly hit ‘save’ instead of ‘publish’ yesterday, so this is being posted a day late.

I am woman, hear me roar
Free as a bird, watch me soar
I love fully, with all my heart
I give my all right from the start

I am woman, feel me be
Strong as an ox, tall as a tree
I hurt and I bleed, get up when I fall
I will fight back, don’t think I’m a doll

I am woman, I say what I want
I do as I please, don’t tell me I can’t
I have a mind, it’s all my own
I can rule a land, and sit on a throne

I am woman, just marvel at me
I have come so far just to be seen
I fought so hard, biding my time
For all the things that were rightfully mine

I am woman, happy and alive
Finally content with the things in my life
I may be young, or I may be old
But I am woman, and it’s my heart to hold

Wrote this a few weeks back. Pro women, etc.

Also, according to my blog stats, this blog has had 1, 994 hits since it first went online. 6 more visitors and I reach the 2k mark. Yay! I wonder who that 2000th visitor would be. If you’re reading this, scroll down to the bottom of this page, and check the number of hits. If it says 2000, let me know! Because I like randomness.

So Madz and I have this deal that if/when she sees Keira Knightley during her stay in London, she’ll ask for a picture with Ms. Knightley holding on to my picture…so it’s kinda’ like I had my picture taken with her. It’s dumb and pointless, but I bet you Keira will definitely remember that encounter if it does happen.

So supposedly Madz is going on a Knightley hunt whenever she goes out. A few days ago, she told me that she had something for me and that she’ll post it soon. Thinking it was something stupid like a picture of their house cleaner (because she said she’s really pretty and I wanted to see, haha!), I kept pestering her to post whatever it was already. After the longest time EVER, she finally posted it.

Hahaha! Madz is such a funny girl. I have that commercial on my iPod, but I’m still really touched by this. You’re such a sweetie, Madz. (Ulk, I can’t believe I just said that.)

I just thought I’d post this here. I hate that there’s no release date for the Philippines on this movie’s IMDB page. Damn it.

So I’m feeling a bit better now. I’m not barking like a dog anymore, and my nose isn’t bleeding from the numerous tissue papers I keep sneezing into. I’ll be perfectly fine come Monday morning.

Tomorrow is my nephew’s birthday party and there will be a lot of kids there. Cute kids I can’t kiss or hug or play with because of my stupid cough and cold. Damn it! Why can’t kids be immune to adults’ germs? You know, like how human viruses are different from animal ones? Life would be a lot easier, don’t you think?

It’s a costume party and I plan on just wearing my faerie wings over whatever clothes I wear. My sister just bought a headband with a halo on it and my mom got a wizard’s hat with Mickey Mouse ears. We’re not very creative, no.

I just saw The Office’s 2nd episode of the latest season and I absolutely loved the cold open. Best cold open ever. Well, that and the one where Jim was impersonating Dwight.

Also, last night I saw Dakota Fanning on Ellen and she was so pretty. And grown up. Her voice is not high-pitched anymore. Here’s the interview, it’s pretty funny, especially when Ellen teaches her how to drive:

And now, compare that Dakota to this Dakota:



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